Do it your own way, do it together wearing fresh, comfortable and functional clothes.
Discover our new streetwear brand mixing style with technicality.



do it your
own way

Functions are part of all models of the skilz collections. They have been thought to be simple to use, comfortable and completely integrated into the aesthetic look of the line.

head rills

Piping Rills icon from skilz wear, breaking clothing born from breaking



knee rills

Our new clothing collection is designed for everyone!
Fashion without boundaries, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and expression.
Discover a range of outfits that can be worn by all, embracing diversity and celebrating individuality.

do it


Laces that color your style!

Skilz is highly recognizable by its use of visible laces and touches of colours.
Iconic in the breaking community, the laces are historically used as belt to avoid hurting ourselves during the moves.
Skilz transforms this item into the red thread of its collection mixing its functionality with a distinguished look.

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